Welcome to Munachimso Ezeilo’s Blog

Welcome to Munachimso Ezeilo’s Blog

Hello readers! I am Munachimso Ezeilo and this is my blog which I liken to a dumping ground. However, I consider it to be a ground for dumping creative ideas and thoughts from diverse explorations going on in my head. I will like to believe that they will be inspiring and engaging to somebody out there.


This blog particularly comprises of creative articles on topics which are of interest to me, fictional stories, synopsis of my published books and sneak peaks of my yet-to-be-published books. From time to time, I will equally make posts about my photography journey as it has also helped me unleash my creative side. Pictures, they say, are worth a thousand words and most times, I like to convey stories from photographs of my immediate environment.


I am convinced that people are filled with great ideas, and ideas are like one’s bowel. They will remain unknown until they are communicated through writings and spoken words. Thus my inclination to frequently communicate my ideas, hoping that they will be awakening, recalling Anne Spencer Morrow Lindbergh’s words, ‘Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.’


 I spent a lot of time thinking on how to write an interesting introduction, but I can’t complain because the entire process was excitingly thought-provoking. Writing is what I consider to be a mental amble and I cannot be more thankful than I am now for having realized this. It’s a path to mental development.


At times we question our artistry, but I believe it is part of what makes the entire journey thrilling. Other times we give ourselves the credit we truly deserve, and that on a similar vein is satisfying. My blog will definitely be an exciting journey for me and I enjoin you to take part in the thrill. ENJOY!

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