A Bee in Her Bonnet

Munachimso Jennifer Ezeilo Observes contemporary society and uses it to paint a picture with words  on the issues in and around  Child marriage.

Reading this book as a Nigerian who grew up in Nigeria, you quickly realise how true the issues raised  are . The Author throws light on societal issues with an intention to educate as she has a remarkable  and commendable ability for paying attention to detail .

While telling an entertaining and suspenseful story,  the Author educates readers on history of the Almajiri and why we have lots of street kids in the North. The author also educates readers on  the Child rights Act and the aspects of sharia law that concern the girl child . 

In addition the Author highlights the Dilemma professionals often  face when they have to make a decision beteween  doing the ethical thing which would lead to little or no reward or being unethical which could lead to career advancement . Also, the Author depicts how actions have consequences regardless of how invisible a person may seem which was illustrated  with Tanimu, the villain of the story .

The book highlights lessons on love , relationships,  competence as well as the power of social media and how it could force traditional media to do the right thing.

This book is a Master piece . If Chinua Achebe, was Alive, he would be proud.